Content is not King and You Need to Stop Saying That Because it Makes You Sound “Stoopad”

Content is not King

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Learn To Make a Blog: Big Wille Style

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My Secret Recipe for Increasing Your Google Page Rank


Link is to Ganon as I am to Google (Mortal Enemies)

The first post I ever wrote was “I am Free Because I am a Blogger” and back in the day it was a liberating feeling. But I was so unaware as to how I was not going to be free. Because of my original blog plan (and name) I was shackled to the topic of Google Adsense. All I wrote about was my journey with Adsense. And all I used to monetize was Adsense.

That was a mistake.

I watched as several bloggers started up blogs around the same time as I. I then watched as their blogs surpassed mine, even though they were the generic make money online post ideas that were generally ripped off from the big name bloggers (and not half as eloquent). I had a unique voice, an intriguing style, yet when I reached the 50 RSS subscriber mark, they had hit 200. So what was my problem? Why was I not successful?

Because I Was Living on Adsense.

The title of my blog, was like an icepick to the toenails; sounds funny when you mention it, but isn’t a great idea in reality. I wanted to branch out, but I had to keep writing about Adsense if I wanted to increase my readership and have people coming back. But what I wanted to write about was my life as a regular guy trying to make money online.

Well I am now free of Adsense

labyrinth Link is to Ganon as I am to Google (Mortal Enemies)

No longer will I obsessively check my stats, no longer will I keep trying to create and update a million blogs just to earn a few pennies. I am now free to make money online in any way I please, I am now free to write about what I originally planned on and not have readers get confused as to why a blog called “Living on Adsense” just wrote something about blogging, or about drinking too much Red Bull. I have moved my blog to a new domain name, a domain name that is generic enough that I will be able to continue blogging “Whiteley” style for as long as I like. I have tossed away my old Tri-Force of Blogging, gone to defeat Ganon, and have risen from my challenge with:

A new Tri-Force of Blogging:

  1. I will blog about making money
  2. I will blog about blogging tips and ideas
  3. I will blog about items 1 & 2 as they affect my life

So now that I am free, what will I be doing?

Well, the first item on my list is start making use of all of the old domain names I have just sitting around. During the old Adsense days I had acquired a bunch of domain names as I came of with blog ideas. Then I kinda stopped with the blogs. So now I will come up with uses for these domains. I have a butt load of cool ideas in my brain that I haven’t been able to unleash as I was to distracted and oppressed by the evil powers of Google. With my trusty wooden sword in hand, I have freed myself of the evil forces of Google. “Don’t be evil” Right. I filled up my hearts and shot Google with my sword of power.

As Sarah said to Jareth, so I say to Google:

“You have no Power over me.”

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  1. app says:

    Congratulations! And I like the new look…even cleaner than it was before.

    (but you broke all your backlinks by not redirecting old URL’s to the same page under the new domain name.)

    apps last blog post..Add a TwitThis Button to your Blogger posts

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    Very nice design. I’ll need to change my bookmark now. :)

    Now you are not limited to Adsense you can earn so much more. I’m sure you are aware of how much Bloggernoob has earned in the past year? :)

    Dean Salibas last blog post..2008 Blog Income Report

  3. chris.whiteley says:

    I really like the new look as well. I still have a few things to take care of to make the blog complete. I told myself I would’nt go live until I was finished, but I got impatient.

    As for the backlinks, I tried doing a 301 redirect, but I kept getting a error saying that the site was redirecting in a manner that would never resolve. I tried a butt load of fixes but nothing really worked. SoI just pointed the old domain here and just hoped for the best.

    Whenever I move (in the ‘real’ world)I end up throwing away a bunch of stuff. I’ll just chalk up the loss to of backlinks to moving.

  4. chris.whiteley says:

    You shouldn’t have to update your bookmark as the old domain now points to this blog. But if you are a neat freak and everything must be just right, you could update your bookmarks ;)

    I’ve been reading the Noobs blog and have been quite impressed as to his earnings over the last year . He has done an awesome job. Now that I have freed myself I hope to replicate his success!

  5. [...] I like a fresh start, so I am going to be finding a new theme, deleting all the old plugins that I don’t really recall what they do. Right now I am not sure what my plans are, but I do know that my Adsense account is about $70 shy of being paid out, so perhaps I will kick it old school and try to build a few more Adsense sites.  I guess I really never learn. [...]

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