Content is not King and You Need to Stop Saying That Because it Makes You Sound “Stoopad”

Content is not King

Learn To Make a Blog: Big Wille Style

Learn To Make a Blog: Big Wille Style

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My Secret Recipe for Increasing Your Google Page Rank


Living on Adsense Blog Earning Stats for Jan 11th and 18th

Well it seems that Google officially hates me. My earnings over the last few weeks has severely dwindled, no one has contacted me about my request to reinstate my page rank.

I feel a breakup coming on.

There is only so much I can write about Adsense, without going stale. I prefer to chronical my journey, and share my thoughts and ideas along the way. That’s the kind of blog Living on Adsense has been. Yet I made one grave mistake: I named my blog: Living on Adsense. When people head to my site they expect to find a bunch of advice on how to make money with Adsense. They read for a bit and then realize I dispense Adsense once in a while, and then leave. I realize that I have created a blog where people have a preconceived idea as to what I am blogging about. Everyone expects Adsense advice, and that is not what I want to be all about.

So in order to outwardly project what my blog is about, I am going to rebrand my blog. You will find that I will still be churning out the same style of posts and writing. Well actually it will probably get much better as I will feel liberated from this Adsense prison. Over the next few weeks I will be cooking up a new blog template, transfer all my old posts to the new domain, and will be:

No longer Living on Adsense.

I think from here on in I may lose some people, but that’s alright. If people want to go, then let them. I think my honest style of blogging will keep people coming back, and I think more people will be able to share in my journey after I rebrand my blog into something that more appropriately conveys what my blog is all about.

Well I think I have rambled on enough about my future plans, I mean this is just an earnings post! Anyways please share your thoughts and ideas, and whether you are for or against this new direction I am going in.

Here are my stats for the week of Jan 5th to 11th

stat11jan09 Living on Adsense Blog Earning Stats for Jan 11th and 18th

Here are my stats for the week of Jan 12th to 18th
stat18jan09 Living on Adsense Blog Earning Stats for Jan 11th and 18th

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  1. app says:

    You are still doing much better than me…

    Jan 5-11: 3,754 impressions, $2.17
    Jan 12-18: 3,488 impressions, $2.25

    Maybe you should call the blog “dying on adsense”. :-P

    Whatever you do, don’t kill your existing links. While google may not be very nice to you with page rank & such, others have been and are sending you traffic through those links. Why kill that?

    So if you are planning on a domain name change, then keep things set up to use both, redirecting anyone that hits the original to the new one. (use an htaccess 301)

    Once you see the traffic drop off to near nothing on the original, you can sell it if you want…Or set up a small static site on it explaining why one can’t actually live on adsense. (consider it your public service contribution)

    apps last blog post..Add a “Share This in Google Reader” Button to Your Blogger Posts

  2. chris.whiteley says:

    @app: Yeah I planned on preserving the links once I transferred the database over. I figure I don’t want to ruin the work I have done this far. I’ll have to do some research on doing 301 Redirects. I saw a WordPress plugin that deals with this, but I haven’t done research yet.

  3. app says:

    It’s actually quite easy.

    Here is how to do it:

    Except in your case, in step 8 you would use / instead of /blog/

    And also be sure not to forget to put a slash at the end of the new blog url in step 8, so it forwards all pages to a matching location on the new domain name.

    apps last blog post..Add a TwitThis Button to your Blogger posts

  4. Dean Saliba says:

    I must admit when I first found your blog I thought it would be about Adsense tips and tricks.

    When you move ot your new blog does that mean you will be able to look at other ways to earn an incomee online instead of just Adsense?

    Jim Karter did a post recently about moving domains with a 301 redirect thingy:

    Dean Salibas last blog post..BlogtoProfit Paid Me Out Of The Blue

  5. chris.whiteley says:

    @app: Thanks for the link. I figured that if anyone was familiar with it, it would be you.

    @Dean Saliba: That is the main reason I want to make the change, there are so many different ways to earn money online, and with my focus on Adsense, I really found that my income in other areas has drastically dropped. The blog will be just like this one, but on a more broad spectrum, and hopefully more “this is exactly what I did to achieve this result” kind of posts.

  6. Dominique says:

    I too had the impression that you blog was about how to improve your adsense earning. ( Mine is definitely worst then yours..the most $1-$2 per mth…it takes forever just thinking it will reach the payout mark)

    I was thinking maybe you could do a change to your header here to state “Not” living on adsense instead of having to move your blog over to a new site if it is too troublesome for you.

    Dominiques last blog post..Many Faces of Roy

  7. chris.whiteley says:

    @Dominique: I had thought about that, but I just feel that a fresh new blog will really help me distance myself from my ‘previous life.’ This new blog will still have the same style, but will be more focused on what I am doing in all facets of my IM’ing adventures. The Living on Adsense domain will point to the new site and all of the content from here will be transferred as well. The RSS subscribers will not have to resubscribe, as I will change my feedburner url.

    The main differences that people will see is:
    * a new domain
    * a new design
    * more broad IM topics being covered.

    Everything else will remain the same as before.

    As for the impression that this site was about Adsense advice, it seems that you still came back even though this is not entirely adsense focused. Thanks! I do still shell out advice once in awhile pertaining to Adsense, its just that I write more about other ‘stuff’ as well.

  8. Mitch says:

    I had wondered just how long you could write about Adsense, since, overall, it doesn’t change. Of course, having “adsense” in the link is still going to get you a lot of visitors looking for advice on it, do you’ll draw people; they just might not stick around as long. Either way, good luck with it.

    Mitchs last blog post..First Week Of Contest Info

  9. Jojoeland says:

    i’m only making 0.01$ a day sometimes none. are you serious or just want people to catch visitors like your doing now and lots of comments. by the way nice strategy.

  10. chris.whiteley says:

    3 Licks to the center of a Tootsie Roll, and 1 year 27 days that you can write about Adsense. After that, your burnt out.

  11. chris.whiteley says:

    I am serious, the numbers above are real! Trust me if I were to create fake screen shots I would have created some much higher earnings!!

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