Content is not King and You Need to Stop Saying That Because it Makes You Sound “Stoopad”

Content is not King

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Learn To Make a Blog: Big Wille Style

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Scarface Tony Montana Was A Blogger Ahead of His Time

Although unaware of it at the time Tony Montana dispensed some great blogging advice in the film Scarface. It was probably not originally meant as advice for the blogging community, but hey, I like like to look way to deeply into things, and pull wisdom from the most random of places. So today, instead of pulling wisdom from the blogosphere, I have turned to Tony Montana, Scarface, for some fantastic blogging techniques.

scarface Scarface Tony Montana Was A Blogger Ahead of His Time

Your are most likely familiar with the quote from Scarface that sounds something like: “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.” That quote has been chopped up so much that most people forget that the actual quote from the film was: “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”


Whether you read the correct quote or the shortened version it still makes the same point: In order to reach you main goal, you need to set a lot of smaller, less ambitious goals. For most of us bloggers the end gaol is to be making some money with our blogs. We all know that you cannot just start blogging and then make money. I have had this blog up for about a month and a half, and I still have not seen a penny. According to Google Adsense I have made over $50, but of course I have not seen a cheque yet.
So our final step in blogging is to be making money. I have taken the Scarface quote and changed it around to meet what I believe are the main simplified goals of every blogger. When Tony Montana pointed out his goals of money, then power, then women, I am sure that there were many “sub goals” that helped him reach the main points of his goals. So in the spirit of Scarface I would like to share with you my new goal setting personal philosophy on blogging:
“First you get the traffic, then you get the advertisers, then you get the money.”
or for the quotation purists:
“On the Internet, you gotta get the traffic first. Then when you get the traffic, you the advertisers. Then when you get the advertisers, then you get the money.”
In my new Scarface blogging philosophy, you need to get the traffic first. I know that I have touched on this before, and I even set a goal for myself to have 100 unique visitors daily, but due to the appendix rupture I was unable to meet this goal. I am glad that I didn’t meet this goal.
What? Your glad you didn’t meet your January goal?
Yes, that’s right. It may seem odd but I feel that because I just set the goal with no plan of action on how to achieve it, I would have been doomed to failure. So now I have created an actual plan that will help me reach this goal. I have found that people really like to think of the big picture, and aim for being a blogging master without taking the time to go through the baby steps of blogging; I am going to break my goals down into baby-baby steps. I find that when I set a goal I just “spazz out” and do a lot of random things to try and reach that goal. For example, when I started my January goal I just started branching out in all kinds of different traffic generating methods, and had zero consistency. I was unable to stick to a schedule, had no real set plan on how to achieve my goals, and thus I failed. This is where my “baby-baby steps” come in. I am going to set main goals (first you get the traffic, then you get…) and create sub goals to achieve the main goals, and then create further sub goals to achieve the first sub goal to achieve the main goal.
Sounds confusing right? Well it makes sense in my mind, but I will explain further.


As of now, my main goal for traffic is 100 unique visitors per day. To some of you established bloggers this may not seem like much, but to us rookies, it’s a lot! As of now I get an average of 20 unique visitors per day, so I am 80 unique daily visitors away from my goal. I plan on breaking this goal into chunks of 20, so my sub-sub goal would be to reach 40 visitors per day, and then 60, 80, and so on. I also do not want to be a “traffic spazz” so I am focusing each 20 visitor increment on a specific traffic generating method. I am also dropping the time restrictions (ie 100 by the end of February) as I think it adding time constraints will cause me to have little “freak outs” once in a while and drive me to become a blog spazz again. If time constraints work for you, then go ahead and use them.
Goal: Traffic
Sub Goal: 100 unique visitors per day
Sub Sub Goal: Raise my average of 20 unique visitors per day to 40 by committing 1 hour per day to reading and commenting on similar content blogs.
That is all I am going to do to try and generate traffic. They say slow and steady wins the race, so we shall see if that saying will stand up in the blogging world.
Now I am just going to take it easy and not get worked up about not making any money or having any traffic to my site, I am just going to slowly and strategically build my blog. Of course I say all of this now, and I hope I don’t have any freak outs like I have in the past. Only time will tell.

If you read this far, then it's probably good enough to share...


  1. Ren B says:

    I’m glad you’re back. :)

    Also, I don’t know if you do that, but one of the things that helped me with traffic on my older site was to be part of related forums. People knew me and saw consistency on my replies, so a visit to my site was only a small click away.

    Thinking again… I think I’ve found this blog when you posted it on a forum… hm… see? it works! lol


  2. Minty Money says:



  3. chris.whiteley says:

    Everyone, say hello to my little friend: Minty Money

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  5. app says:

    I am not sure if you may have mentioned this in a previous post or not, since I haven’t read your entire blog yet.(just found it today because you bid for the ad box on one of my sites at project wonderful).

    One terrific way to get traffic based on the merits of your posts is to get a account and start adding your posts as soon as you make them. (go to your own pages and hit the thumbsup button)

    You will get traffic from it as they send people that have listed an interest in the category your post falls into.

    If your article is good, visitors will give you a ‘thumbsup’ and you will be sent even more traffic. If it isn’t, they will give you a ‘thumbsdown’ and you will get less from them.

    This will make sure your posts get the attention they DESERVE.

    Then you can focus more attention on post quality. People will blog about their stumbles in order to have something to post about on their blogs too, so you will also get one way inbound links from it too…and buzz, buzz, buzz…if your articles are good.

    A really knockout post can put you on the front page of digg, and then you better be prepared for the traffic that will bring in because it can knock your site right out. (I have felt the digg effect and it’s awesomely wonderful devastating power to take down a site by sending too much traffic)

    You were wrong about the steps to making money by blogging. You don’t get the traffic first. You create the content first. Without worthwhile content, you will never have the traffic you want. Never.

    Give people something to talk about…make them think & ponder…make them want to come back for more.

    (Giving away some free stuff helps too. Everyone loves free stuff!)

    app’s last blog post..Children of the CPU

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