Content is not King and You Need to Stop Saying That Because it Makes You Sound “Stoopad”

Content is not King

Learn To Make a Blog: Big Wille Style

Learn To Make a Blog: Big Wille Style

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My Secret Recipe for Increasing Your Google Page Rank


The Only Number That Has Ever Made Me Cry Is 24,159

I can stop my whining now because I have hit the Google Adsense jackpot!

Ladies and Gentlemen, since quitting my job and starting a possibly disastrous career in blogging I have not been able to scrape together even the tiniest piece of Google Adsense income…until now.

Have a look at the screenshot below and you will see that I have in fact hit the Google Adsense Jackpot!

adsense1 The Only Number That Has Ever Made Me Cry Is 24,159

After 5 days of blogging and 45 visitors later I have finally made some kind of income.

Alright so I’ve made a dollar. In the grand scheme of blogging, this really has just a minor impact considering that I am still $708.68 away from being able to pay rent in January. So if I cannot blog my way out of this, then I will die a slow death from starvation in January.

At this point I would like to point out that I hate serious writing.

I hate serious writing.

On occasion one must write seriously if they are going to convey a message and be taken seriously. Makes sense right? My point being is that in my last post I wrote about researching layout and Google Adsense and sharing my results with you. Now in order to share these results I have to write in a serious manner for a few moments.

So please read the following and try to hate it as much as I do…

[writing style="serious"]In my previous post I spent some time discussing blog layout, and Adsense placement. My goal was to spend the day researching layout and Adsense placement ideas in various forums such as the Bloggeries. One of the Mods at the Bloggeries provided a few links to some great articles that I highly recommend that you read.

Google Adsense Heat Map Revisited
F-shaped Pattern for Reading Web Content
Adsense Tips for Bloggers

I read through each of the 3 articles provided and applied what I learned to my blog. Then I made a $1.32. It seems that the people wrote these articles really know what they are talking about. In my research I also found that testing Google Adsense placement was vitally important to the financial success of a blog. Personally I despise testing. My Google Adsense placement seems to work for now, so I plan on keeping my ads exactly where they are.

Like me, you most likely will not be able to see too much income to test with as long as you do not have traffic. Judging by the fact that I made my first dollar yesterday I believe that my Google Adsense adds are in the right spot (for now). I added my Google Adsense ads within the content of my posts as described in the articles.

How To Do This On Blogger

Now Blogger allows you to easily integrate your code with your blog by using the Google Adsense option on the page elements page, but they do not have an option to place your code near the top of your post.

It took me some time to scrape through Google and figure out how to add the Google Adsense code to my blogs posts. Eventually I came across a site called Tips for New Bloggers and found a post on the site that dealt with how to add the Adsense code to your blog posts. I figure you don’t need me to rewrite it for you. I am barely able to write as it is.

While learning how to place your Adsense Code within your blog posts you will need to “parse” the Adsense Code. At first I really had no clue as to what “parsing” was or why I needed to do it. I didn’t want to do it because it seemed like it would take too much time to do. Lucky for me (and you) I was able to find a site that would parse the code for you.

How To Do This On WordPress

On WordPress there are many plugins that you can install that will allow you to integrate your Google Adsense Ads into your posts. The plugin I use and recommend is Adsense Deluxe. This plugin was really easy to install and use, especially for someone completely new to WordPress.[/writing]

There it’s over. My face is all sweaty and my hands are swollen. I may be allergic to writing in a serious manner, even though I hardly call that serious writing. A child could write that.

Ok, so that is the end of add placement for now. I really don’t like to complicate things so I am going to assume that my Google Adsense placement is awesome. Thats right…awesome.

Now that I have a dollar amount combined with some traffic stats I can safely do some income projections and see if I will be able to pay rent in January. Alright, time for some projections. So, I need another $708.68 to make rent in January and at a rate of $1.32 for every 45 visitors I will need to bring 24,159 visitors to my site before rent is due…

rent The Only Number That Has Ever Made Me Cry Is 24,159

I think there is a bottle of Jim Beam calling my name…

If you have any great Google Adsense plugins or widgets please share the link in the comments section, or if you have any Google Adsense go ahead and share those as well.

If you read this far, then it's probably good enough to share...


  1. Bradly says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I get hundreds of hits a day and I have days where my traffic is in the thousands and I have made about $65.00 this year on Adsense. I make $0.01 some days and I’ve made as much as $13.00 in a day from Adsense.

    My other ads are far more profitable but still not enough to live on yet.

    I’m not sure anyone makes enough to live off of Adsense any more.

  2. Jared says:

    Now I wish wordpress (free hosting version) allowed adsense I get a few hundred visitors a day, even when I dont post and some days are over a thousand, just for a few bucks here and there.

  3. Mike says:

    Bradly, I make several thousand a month off of Adsense (enough to live off of) — just not with my personal blog.

  4. Bloggerites says:


    $22 CPM!?!? What when where was that clicked!? :D

    Seriously try putting ads in the top left. People read left to right. You’ll get more clicks. Either way my CPM is like 15 cents lol

  5. chris.whiteley says:

    Bloggerites, are you suggesting to put the Adsense in the left column, or left within the post?

  6. Adsense is not something to live on unless you are Shoemoney. I have sites that range from 2000 in Alexa rankings and my worst Alexa is like 4,245,000. I can tell you straight up that Adsense on the 2000 site makes me only $6,000 a month. You might think that is good except when you factor in an employee that is needed to run that site. So profit after hosting, bandwidth etc is like under $1000 a month.

    The way I make money so far is from offline businesses though. My venturing into the net is recent even though I have businesses online since 1996 or so.

    I think you need to build a network of people who will link to you, talk about you and more. Then your adsense checks will get bigger. If I could find the time to do my blogs myself ( the only one that is truly mine is I would be making a lot of money from online stuff already.

    As others know, you make a lot more from straight advertising than Adsense.

  7. Freedom says:

    I know you’re doing the Adsense thing, but if you want to “supliment your Adsense income”, this would be a good way. You get paid per visit instead of per click. Here’s the link

    It’s something to check out…Don’t know if you’re an “Adsense elitist” or not ;o), but it’s worth a look.

    Let me know what you think. I’m new at this whole making-money thing, but a personal friend told me about this. Looks legit…

    Here’s to you having a great Adsense year!


  8. music says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  9. [...] fascinated with the big numbers and can easily get carried away on those distant dreams, forgetting how tough the beginning can be. Struggling his way, reading Living on Adsense can give you some of that strength you need to keep [...]

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