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Content is not King

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Learn To Make a Blog: Big Wille Style

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The TrackBack Traffic Bitch Slap Technique

david letterman The TrackBack Traffic Bitch Slap TechniqueYou know I have always wondered what the major purpose of Trackbacks were. When I first started blogging it took some real explaining as to what they were and what there real purpose was. Any time someone would try to explain how they work I would always have the same response after words:


To me they have always seemed like just another thing that I need to moderate. Which I don’t have time for. And most of the time the trackbacks I get are from spam blogs that have stolen my content. It just goes to show how important my posts really are. Real people don’t’ post about my content only the spammers do. It’s like having junkies vouch for me.

So despite my anger towards trackbacks I decided to try and make them somewhat useful for me. Even though every trackback I get is usually some junk splog, I still go and check it out. Of course whenever I go check my (snail) mail I still get excited over junk mail. I guess it is some kind of cry for attention.

So magic of these craptastic trackbacks is that I always end up checking out the blog that has given me the trackback (even though I know that nobody cool would post about one of my articles). This gave me an idea.

If David Letterman on his Late Show were to say something nasty about Oprah, there is a pretty good chance that it would get back to Oprah. Even if he just mentioned her name, she would probably end up knowing about it. Upon hearing this Oprah would probably watch the part of the Late Show that mentioned her, and then possibly contact David Letterman. This is pretty much like a trackback. Although an unlikely scenario it gives an idea as to how trackbacks could work in your favour to get attention to your blog.

In the blogging world this method should work well to attract a bit of attention to your blog. Now this method may not work on really big bloggers that get trackbacks all the time. You should focus on blogs that are at the same level as yours, or a little bit higher. Most likely if you follow this method the blogger you trackback should come to your blog and at least make a comment. They may even become a subscriber or even mention your blog in one of their posts.

Here are the steps to use this method:

  1. Choose a blog that is near the same level of success or a bit higher than your blog.
  2. Write something attention getting about this blog or blogger.
  3. Link your comment about this blog or blogger to a post that this person has made. Do not link to the blog home page though otherwise there will be no trackback, you need to link to a post, and preferably a new one.
  4. Publish your post.

I am going to test this one out by targeting one of my favourite blogs: Bloggernoob. I should be able to attract some attention when I mention that sometimes I think about hunting down The Noob and slapping him right the face, the only reason I don’t do it is because I cannot figure out whether I want to slap him with the front of back of my hand.

You don’t have to be mean like I was. I just figure The Noob has a pretty good sense of humour. That’s pretty much it. Go ahead and test it out yourself and see if the person you mention comes to your blog and makes a comment. Who knows, it may lead to them posting about you and giving you a bit of exposure.

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  1. bloggernoob says:

    hunt me down and slap me in my face? how dare you!!!!!

    im so angry i will have to write a tupac vs biggie type of response email to get you back chris! 😉

    bloggernoobs last blog post..bloggernoob drops down to PR Zero

  2. chris.whiteley says:

    Well, I guess the point of my post was proven: The Noob showed up

    @bloggernoob: Noob, I think you are the only person that showed up to this post.

  3. Hey Chris, Love this post and no the “Noob’s” not the only one that’s reading this post. See I had to come over to check you out anyone who was going to have a “smack-down” with the Noob I had to meet. Hey I bought my blog awhile back and after the first few weeks I told the prior owner “hey some of these people are NOT very nice they are mad that I bought a blog” she told me who cares that’s publicity and good or bad publicity is good so just go with it. I can tell ya, some woman can be kind of mean when they want to be, although I really do think the majority of the “mean” came from the men. So I should of threaten to slapped them around but I didn’t think that would make a good first impression but I wasn’t into trackbacks back then or I would of used that as good (pr)public relations or Now I have my own followers and if they like me they stay. As far as content stealing I have several regulars that are stealing my whole post so don’t feel bad, I’ve gone over to check “them” out I use that loosely and it’s like no one’s home. There’s a couple of things we can do I guess and when I find out for sure what that is, I’ll let you know. Keep up the great work, and if you ever decide to have that “smack-down with the Noob” let me know and I’ll help sell tickets. lol

    jj-momscashblogs last blog post..Fear Driving the Stock Market

  4. chris.whiteley says:

    @jj: I can definitely see it being tough to capture an audience when you purchase a blog. The readers are so used to the old owners personality and style that any difference could have you losing readers. But for them to be mean, that’s just silly.

    I read a few blogs that have changed hands, I usually give the new owner a bit of lee-way and patience before I decide to continue reading the blog or not. The University Kid wrote a good article on this topic:

    JJ I wish you the best of success with your blog, and I will subscribe to your blog and follow your progress.

  5. Davey Boy says:

    To be honest, I don’t think I have ever gotten a legit track back. They always seem to be one of those really spammy blogs with *no* original content that steal a paragraph of my post and then throw in a trackback to make it seem legit.

    This is of course not to say that all trackbacks are like that, just the ones that seem to link back to me are.

    I like the idea behind your successful experiment though. I am going to have to try it out and see if they come back and comment on my post…

  6. Yan@Review says:

    Interesting, Chris. I love your ‘Oprah vs David’ analogy. Classic. That’s exactly how we should do to get the attention, bearing in mind that the link should point to the inner page and not the homepage.

    I’m off to check my trackback now. Talk soon.


    Yan@Reviews last blog post..Get Paid to Blog – Make Money Online Writing Reviews in 2009

  7. chris.whiteley says:

    @Davey Boy: I think this was my first successful experiment. I’m pretty stoked. Of course I think BloggerNoob is ready to throw down now, so I need to be on my toes.

    @Yan@Review: I originally was going for a David vs Goliath thang. But then I thought a modern day David would be better. And what better for a Goliath than Oprah.

    Especially after I say this clip of Oprah on the Soup:

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